MxRapclipse is lightweight MxEclipse. It is based on Eclipse RAP Project . Of course, many features available in MxEclipse are commented out currently in MxRapclipse, as RAP is in prerelease phase. However, it can be used for simple tasks of observing objects on development/test servers in detecting causes of certain behaviour.

MxRapclipse screenshot:


Download the MxRapclipse plugin zip files from SourceForge web site:

1. MxEclipseLib plugin - contains placeholders for Matrix libraries

2. MxRapclipse war file - contains prepared web application

Copy following Matrix jar files from your Matrix installation into MxEclipseLib plugin (override existing empty placeholder jar files in the plugin):

1. common.jar

2. domain.jar

3. eMatrixServletRMI.jar

4. component.jar

Put MxEclipseLib plugin into MxRapclipse war file - location in the zipped file: WEB-INF/eclipse/plugins.

Just drop the war into tomcat webapps folder in order to deploy it.

You can access it using following URL: http://servername:port/mxrapclipse/rap

What is implemented?

Currently, only MxObject and MxMQL views are tackled by MxRapclipse.

MxObject view is simplified MxEclipse object view, containing readonly capabilities.

Find Objects

Opens a search object dialog. Objects can be searched by Id, Type, Name, Revision.

Development of Find Like search is planned.

Upon execution, objects found are shown in the MxObject view's treetable.

One can also use Ctrl+F for Find Objects feature.

Expand Object

This button will expand a particular object, showing all related objects (both directions). Expansion will be done only for first level.

One can also double click on an object in order to use Expand Object feature.


This button will remove all the objects from the object tree.

MxMQL View

MxMQL View is a simplified MxMQL view of MxEclipse: