Download & Install

Download the plugin zip files from SourceForge web site:

1. MxEclipseLib plugin - contains placeholders for Matrix libraries

2. MxEclipse package - the actual plugin

Copy following Matrix jar files from your Matrix installation into MxEclipseLib plugin (override existing empty placeholder jar files in the plugin):

1. common.jar

2. domain.jar

3. eMatrixServletRMI.jar

4. component.jar

Deploy the plugin under eclipse/plugins folder.

Unpack MxEclipse plugin in your eclipse folder in order to install it.

You can also check change log to find out what's new.


If you already have MxEclipseLib installed, you can install a new versioin of MxEclipse plugin only.

If you upgrade Matrix software, you should repackage its new libraries into MxEclipseLib plugin.