Graphical representation of Matrix object model

MxGraphclipse is a Matrix object model vizualizer/editor. Currently only reverse operation is available, i.e. it is not possible to store designed object model back to Matrix.


MxGraphclipse requires GMF and MxEclipse in order to run.

MxReverse functionality

This button (accessible via eclipse toolbar) opens an export dialog. User can choose which types/attributes/relationship he/she would like to export.

There are two additional options:

  1. Include Parents - will include all the parent objects for all selected objects in this dialog
  2. Include Related Objects - will include all the related objects, even if they are not selected (types). However, in order that related objects are included relationships of particular relationship types have to be included.

By default, none of the types are selected, and all relationships and attributes are selected. Selected options/types/relationships/attributes are persisted (even accross Eclipse sessions) and previous choice is presented next time the user opens the dialog. "Check all" check box helps a user to quickly select/deselect all choices of a particular kind.

After the object and option selection dialog, a save as dialog opens, asking a user to choose location and file name of the exported object model diagram.

MxGraphclipse model files have extension .mxg, while diagram files (containing information about the diagram layout) end with .mxd.


Information about elements in the object model diagram (types/relationships/attributes currently) can be retrieved/modified by double clicking a particular diagram element (type/relationship/attribute). The information appears in a form of selected admin type in the MxBusiness view.

... And Beyond

Feel free to play around and make your own layout, export a diagram into an image file, or print it, or make a scatch of your additional contribution to the object model. The functionality of editing diagrams is provided by the GMF framework itself.