What is MxEclipse?

MxEclipse is an Eclipse plugin for Matrix PLM platform. ENOVIA MatrixOne PLM Environment is a proprietary object-oriented platform, having its own middle layer, and supporting API.

The aim of the project is to provide an Eclipse based environment for developers using Matrix, and make their life easier by having the whole environment integrated. Users can work with Matrix objects directly in a specialized MxObject view, but metadata are also available via another MxBusiness view. There are also other useful ways of interacting with Matrix, such as bidirectional JPO (Java Program Object) operations: retrieving/storing JPOs in a simple way, which enables JPO editability in a standard Eclipse java editor. Finally, there is also MxMQL view, which can be used for direct execution of MQL (Matrix Query Language) statements from IDE.

The plugin requires Enovia Matrix platform in order to work, although it can connect to remote Matrix instance (over http or RMI), in which case local Matrix installation is not needed.

MxEclipse 0.9.2 released

2008-03-06: Version 0.9.2 is available. You can check what's new, or go directly and download it. Just unpack it in Eclipse folder. Properly set library plugin, as described in the instructions, is a prerequisite. If you have already done this for the previous version, you don't have to do it again.

MxGraphclipse 0.8 Released

2007-10-10: Initial version of MxGraphclipse plugin is available for download. This plugin enables visualization of Matrix object model, and easy navigation to particular admin object details by showing them in MxBusiness view. Prerequisites are GMF and MxEclipse


Download the plugin zip files from SourceForge web site

1. MxEclipseLib plugin - contains placeholders for Matrix libraries

2. MxEclipse package - the actual plugin

Follow the instructions given in the Download page.


We will be happy to read your feedback about the plugin. You can post a bug found, or leave a new feature request.