MxEclipse v0.8.4 (2007-09-26) - What's New


  • Fix: Direction images revisited, to have a more logical look (to/from switched for contains/from/to)
  • Fix: Create New Attribute type prompts for data type (previously only string typed attribute were created)
  • Header based sorting in MxBusiness treetable
  • Attribute - Inheritance shading on types related to expanded attribute
  • Person:

    1. Password, including password options is editable via the basic person tab
    2. Expanding a person will show assigned roles & groups
  • Role, Group
    1. Expanding an assignment will show parent & child roles/groups


  • Fix: Images for Connect Existing/New->direction button (instead of text)
  • Fix: Disconnect on multiple objects was picking wrong objects
  • Fix: Exception was thrown when there was a pipe inside an attribute value
  • Fix: Persisted column layout (list of columns) was not taken correctly on the next start
  • Policy name is visible in the basic object tab
  • Optimization of MxTreeDomainObject code - when going to a remote server, much better performance, especially when only default tree table columns are diplayed


  • Fix: Blank in the import jpos to a project was causing problems


  • Fix: Changing hostname/username/password was not disconnecting the old connection automatically