MxEclipse v0.8.3.1 (2007-08-17) - What's New

MxEclipse contains only two fixes:

  • Fix: Eclipse 3.3 related fix
  • Update JPO was not working for a remote server due to a dot inserted in the beginning of the filename

MxEclipse v0.8.3 (2007-08-16) - What's New


  • Added "Create New Admin Object" dialog:

    Submitting a type and name would create a new admin object, and select it in the MxBusiness view, so that a user can edit it.
  • Added "Delete Admin Object" button - this button will open a confirmation dialog first:
  • Person:
    1. Basic tab: User types added (application/full/business/system/inactive/trusted)
    2. Role and Group tabs for their defintion for a particular user
  • Program
    1. Basic tab
    2. Code tab including "java style" checkbox

JPO Handling

  • Fix: when connection is to a remote server, completely new procedures for import/update of jpos. Work also with packages in JPO names.
  • Added a separate tab in the preferences dealing with jpo handling
    1. Update program on a remote server warning
    2. Configurable import jpos into project - folders (program, java, others)
    3. Default JPO editor style (in jpo code tab): java like/macros like