MxEclipse v0.8.2 (2007-06-29) - What's New


Search dialog - Fix: "All" is working now (and is default)

Search dialog - Multi selection of admin types available - will filter by union of all selected types

Search dialog - Fix: Append/Replace buttons functional

Search dialog - Next search will show criteria from the last search (types/name pattern/append flag)


Search - Limit on the search result number of objects (0 for unlimited) - two synchronized entry points:

  • New preference
  • Display in MxObject view (statusbar)

Global Functionality

Trigger off option - two synchronized entry points:

  • Trigger off preference added
  • display in MxObject view (statusbar) - click on this one will toggle the flag

JPO Handling

Fix - Store JPOs to Matrix will complain if there were some compile errors